Family Karate Center

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We Work with Both the Parents and the Teachers to Develop your Children in the Most Positive Way Possible!

Jay Haynes' Family Karate Center - Since 1992

Jay, Jayme and Neil Haynes
3617 Betty Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Phone: (719) 574-7557
Fax: (719) 574-3411

The Family Karate Center Dojo is conveniently located at 3617 Betty Drive. It is about one block south and west of Austin Bluffs and Academy.

Map to the New Karate School Location
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The Family Karate Center is the
Premiere Karate School in Colorado Springs
offering professional martial arts services and instruction to people of all ages!

We work with both the parents and the teachers to develop your children in the most positive way possible!

If you are interested in placing yourself or your family in a safe, fun-filled, positive and friendly karate school environment, then the Family Karate Center is the place for you!

Here Are Just SOME of the Tremendous Benefits that Our Unique Martial Arts Program Provides:

Karate Student at the Family Karate Center Karate Student at the Family Karate Center * Self-Confidence *
* Better Grades *
* Weight Control *
* Improved Cadio-Vascular Health *
* Self-Disipline *
* Self-Control *
* Physical Fitness *
* Coordination *
* Stress Relief *
* Better Flexibility *

...and of course, Self-Defense Skills!