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Amber Breault and Nathan Morris

Amber Breault and Nathan Morris
Amber Breault and Nathan Morris
Chief Instructors - Family Karate Center

The team of Nathan Morris and Amber Breault will lead your instruction at the Family Karate Center. As chief instructors, as well as a couple engaged to be married, they are dedicated to the positive forward progress of every student at the Family Karate Center.

These two Senseiís have been training in the martial arts for over eight years. They have competed in dozens of karate tournaments and are well versed in the study of martial arts. Both instructors are currently Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) ranking, and have trained continuously since they started.

They are both recognized with the Japanese title of "Sensei" by the Kazoku Karate Budokai, or Family Karate Association.

Both Mr. Morris and Miss Breault are natives of Colorado Springs, and as a result, the are personally committed to making the Colorado Springs community the best place to live.

They both are graduates of Mitchell High School and are dedicated to insuring that the youth of the dojo are committed to getting a good education.

Lastly, both Mr. Morris and Miss Breault devote countless hours of their time to teach and work with the youth of our community. They perform community service karate demonstrations all over the city. Their pioneering work with at risk teenagers has won them many accolades. They also teach womenís self-defense classes, child abduction prevention programs, and after and during school karate enrichment classes. Due to the many community service projects Mr. Morris and Miss Breault and their karate school pursue, the Family Karate Center has been recognized as the premier martial arts academy in Colorado Springs.

Jay Haynes

Jay Haynes
Jay Haynes
Founder - Family Karate Association

Born in Colorado Springs, CO, Kyoshi Jay Haynes has been training since 1982 and has been a full-time professional karate instructor since 1990. With a bachelors degree in business from the University of Colorado, Kyoshi Haynes is dedicated to developing your children in the most positive way possible through martial arts training. The title Kyoshi means "Teacher of Teachers." Kyoshi Haynes is known around the world for his outstanding martial arts instruction!

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